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Having a successful virtual team is important and you deserve to have the best team possible. This is why we started BuildTeamz. We want your team to support your vision. Buildteamz is a community of business owners who are learning what it takes to create strong virtual teams. We have a members-only online community and a teaching blog that shares tips, tools, and techniques that will help you build a solid virtual team. And it’s all in one place.


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Save Time. Make Money. BuildTeamz!

We love teaching business owners how to build their own remote team. It’s all about taking what we know, training you how to accomplish success in building a remote team. You will save time while making money as you build your team.

The focus of BuildTeamz centers on instructing you on how to define what business needs you can outsource to your remote team. Along with determining what type of people you want to be part of your remote team. Then we teach you how to strategically manage both.

Keep reading to learn more about the components of BuildTeamz training.


What We Offer


Getting Started with building a remote team is the focus of this module. You will start building a foundation for the remote team that will support your business.


Now that you have a foundation, we are going to teach you how to continue building by creating a strategy for your remote team. You will define the 5 W’s: Why, Why, When, Where, and How.


Understanding the financial aspect of managing a remote team is important. It helps you determine how much you can allocation to hire a remote team. This will be the focus of this module.


As you are building your remote team, it is essential that you incorporate ways for your team to stay in communication and get connected. Learning about Teambuilding will help you determine how to communicate and stay connected with your remote team.


Documenting the way you do things within your business and when working with your remote team help you stay organized. Creating processz will allow you to determine steps for completing a task or project that you will then be able to share with any new team members.


An easy way to save time is by automating your processz. This can free up your time which means that you can even save money by automating. You will learn about tools that can help you automate as a function of working with a remote team.


Rounding out the BuildTeamz modules is all about time management. Even though this is the last module it doesn’t mean that it is lesser in importance. Managing time is essential because it affects all the other areas, as well as all the other areas, affects it. Thus it’s last.

Client Personas

How BuildTeamz Solves Problems

“Solved my problems with needing a team”

"I've been looking for a simple solution for my Copywriting business. I hired BuildTeamz to handle all of my outsourcing needs. It saves me time and money!"


“I got the help I needed to grow my business”

"My pet grooming business was struggling with marketing. BuildTeamz coached me in how to create a remote team to handle the daily tasks for me and helped grow my business."


“Got help to grow my local business, online”

"As a hairstylist, I have a local business. I wanted to grow online but I didn't know how. BuildTeamz helped me learn how to manage a remote team who would handle growing my online business."


"I got way more than I was expecting"

"I already have a presence online as a Socialpreneur, I just wanted to enhance my influence. BuildTeamz showed me how to fine-tune my remote team and automate processes so that I could expand my clients."


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