Take a look at Google Mobile-First Index and websites

First of all, something is on the horizon for websites that make it important for them to be mobile-friendly. That something is… Google Mobile-First Index will be put into place. So this means that it will affect search engine results.

Because this will be happening soon, website owners need to educate themselves. They should learn about making their website ready for Google Mobile-First Index searching. Read on to find out more.

What is Google Mobile-First Index?

The basic explanation, it’s when you make your website mobile-friendly using responsive web design so that you can view on desktop, tablet or any mobile device without issues. Likewise, you ensure that your mobile web visitors have a pleasant and easy visit to your website.

Also, in an article on SearchEngineJournal.com, “Google’s Mobile-First Index: What It Is & How You Can Prepare“, these five topics were shared to help you prepare your website:

  • Read Through Google’s Webmaster Blog Post [find it here]
  • Go Responsive Yesterday
  • If Your Site Isn’t Responsive, Make Sure Your Primary Content Is on Your Mobile Site
  • Content That Exists Within Tabs & Accordion Menus No Longer Being Discounted
  • If You Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Site, What Is Happening?!?

Furthermore, please check out the blog post link above to learn more about Google’s Mobile-First Indexing.


Below are examples of responsive website designs or mobile-friendly design from this website. Because it is helpful to see examples sometimes, we want to make sure you understand what a website can look like.

Google Mobile-First Index - responsive web design


As a result of learning more about Google Mobile-First Index preparedness, let’s hope that you will have been given enough information to get started. Consequently, I have a short list of really good resources below that can further assist you.

So that we make sure you understand every, please feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.

How to make your website a triple threat

Discover how you can make your website a triple threat when it comes to SEO, website traffic, and content management. By creating an online strategy. website owners can include these three areas so that they can have a well-rounded website.

Make your website a triple threat

While a website can have any number of combination of the three areas, it’s best to have all of them in place. So we are going to take a little bit of a tour through each area so that you can learn more about them.


First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s when you use the right words in the right way to be found with your target web visitors are researching online. Regardless if they are using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile device, the right SEO can help you get found.

According to NeilPatel.com, these are “The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know“…

  1. Remove anything that slows down your site.
  2. Link to other websites with relevant content.
  3. Write for humans first, search engines second.
  4. Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you.
  5. Have web analytics in place at the start.
  6. Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page.
  7. Use readable and meaningful URLs only.
  8. Build momentum with social signals.
  9. Use the right keywords in your images.
  10. Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings.

Just take a moment to check out the link above and read the entire article. It will be well worth your time to learn how to make your website SEO ready.

Website traffic

Because website traffic is a surefire way to make your website connect with your target clients, we are going to spend time learning about. Being in the know about creating website traffic can help you leap over hurdles when it comes to generating activity on your website.

Hence, here’s a really great list of tips about website traffic that I found on Forbes.com in the article, “How To Get More Website Traffic And Leads With Content Marketing“.

  • Pay attention to what your audience wants.
  • Write longer posts.
  • Create infographics.
  • Build a realistic blogging schedule.

Even though is a short list, there are powerful tips that can help you increase your website traffic to your site.

Content management or blogging

Content, content, content! It brings your website visitors to your site. It entertains them while they are on your site. And it keeps bringing them back. Now the big question is… How do you create content that will get them to visit your website and keep them coming back?

One of the biggest factors is blogging!

To help you learn how to become a blogging success, we want to share a few tips from an article on TheSocialMS.com called, “23 Actionable Tips for More Blogging Success in 2017“. Below are the top 10 that we love the most from the list:

  • Optimize Your Website
  • Utilize Video
  • Learn About Better Headlines
  • Be Aware of Google’s Preferences and Penalties
  • Select Your Social Channels
  • Build and Engage Your Community
  • Utilize the Power Of Images
  • Make It All About Your Audience
  • Consider Guest Blogging
  • Have a Schedule
  • Find and Focus on your Niche

Ooops, OK I know that I said my top 10 but I couldn’t resist adding an extra tip. To find out more about these tips and the rest, make sure to visit the link above.

How can we help you?

Finally, you don’t have to do any of this alone. We have a team who is ready to assist you with developing your online strategy and implementing it. Therefore, head on over to our Contact form and let us know what you need help with and we will get back to you shortly.

Let’s explore why a responsive WordPress website design is important

Before diving into all of the important tips about using a responsive WordPress website design, let’s learn why it’s important. According to WPBeginner.com,

Responsive themes follow the responsive web design approach which aims to create websites that offer optimal user experience across various devices and screen resolutions including desktop computers, tablets such as iPad, smartphones and other mobile devices. A responsive WordPress theme smoothly adjusts its layout based on the screen size and resolution.

So now that you’ve learned the basics of why it’s important to have a responsive WordPress website design, let’s look into some tips and resources that can help you.

Responsive WordPress website design and Google

Making a website looking good on a desktop computer, a tablet, smartphone, or other devices is also important for search engine optimization. Additional terms that you might hear regarding responsive WordPress website design is mobile-readiness or mobile-friendliness.

In 2018, Google will focus search results on mobile-friendly websites. According to their blog post, “Engaging users through high-quality AMP pages“, their new policy will start around February 1, 2018. This means that you should start immediately to get your WordPress website ready. 

Creative resources

Below are a few resources that I’ve compiled that will be very beneficial as you implement your responsive WordPress website design

Effortlessly Integrate WordPress and Google Analytics

For business websites, when you integrate WordPress and Google Analytics, it can help you get a better understanding of your website traffic. This is essential because when you understand your website traffic, then you can create content that will keep them coming back.

And you definitely want repeat web visitors along with new ones. When you integrate WordPress and Google Analytics into your website, you can even learn where your web visitors are coming from along with why and when they left your website. As you can see, it’s a really great idea for the integration.

Why Integrate WordPress and Google Analytics

According to WPBeginner.com, it’s important because…

Once you start a blog, your #1 goal is to get more traffic and subscribers. Google Analytics help you make data-driven decisions by showing you the stats that matter.

This blog post also help you answer questions like… Who visits your website? What do people do when they are on your website? When do people visit your website? How do people find your website? How do people interact with your content?

So what this all mean for your website? This basically is a way for you to do a deep dive into who’s visiting your website so that you can create content can draws them back or that attracts new web visitors.

A few resources

WP Beginner has even created a video that will help you get a better understand of how to do this. Check out the video below. Or you can check out the WordPress book list blog post.

Getting Started with WordPress book list

Want to get started with WordPress so that you can build your business website? Then read this post.Getting started with WordPress book list will help you with building your business website. For some, it might be very scary to get started. Don’t worry because below are resources from Amazon that you can use to easily learn WordPress. These WordPress books will help you get started setting up your online presence.

Getting started with WordPress book list

According to WordPress.org:

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

How we can help you with WordPress

Being able to have a WordPress support team available to help you is a great resource. A3 Web Design (A3WD) is under the umbrella of Agape3 Business Services (A3BS) who works with businesses to grow their online presence using WordPress and social media.

A3BS has been developing custom WordPress website since 2004 and managing social media clients since 2005. When it comes to an experienced team who can handle your online presence, then you have found the perfect team!

Do you need to outsource your WordPress website management? Are you stuck by a WordPress issue that you just can’t fix? Then you should contact us to provide this service to you. Just visit our contact page.

Another resource that can help you is our blog post about Effortlessly Integrate WordPress and Google Analytics.

Design a Website For Your Visitors Not Yourself

When you design a website it is easy to forget about your visitor and design it to your own liking. It is important to look at your website through the eyes of your visitors. It has to be aesthetically pleasing to a wide audience.

You don’t want people to be turned off within the first few seconds. The purpose of your website is to move visitors to respond. Your goal is for your visitors to stick around and learn more about what you have to offer.

Design a website that is credible

The first impression you make on website visitors could be your last. Visitors will judge the credibility of your website in the first seconds. The first thing visitors will notice is if your website is professional looking. A professional looking website conveys confidence and your visitors will be comfortable staying. Including an about page is important to your credibility.

Your website’s visitors will be looking for an about page to learn more about you. This is where you can include your story and any details about awards or accolades you have received. Including pictures on your about page also gives a sense of knowing who you are to your visitors. Some other things to consider for a credible website are:

  • Regular updates – Make sure your content, contact information, and links are updated and current.
  • Verifiable information – Be sure that any information you share on your website is from a verifiable source.
  • Testimonials – Testimonials from past customers are an easy and excellent way to increase your credibility.

Using color to design a website

Color is a crucial element of website design. Research shows that people make subconscious judgments based on color and have real reactions to color. It is recommended to use a natural palette of colors. You should also choose two or three colors and use them consistently throughout the website. Some other tips for using color to design a website are:

  • Choose colors that are not offensive to your market.
  • Use color contrast to define your website.
  • Choose colors that are pleasing to your eye.

Design a website that is easy to navigate

When considering the layout of your website be sure to look at it from the perspective of a customer who is visiting your website for the first time. Also, include those who have no prior knowledge of the product or service you are offering. Assume that your potential client knows nothing and think about what you want to say to them. The message should be clear and your website must be easy to navigate.

To create a website easy to navigate, it’s a good idea to include the following on your website:

  • Provide a navigation on your website, preferably at the top of your website
  • Give the option to signup for your mailing list
  • Include ways for them to get connected to you on social media